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My portrait style is described as natural,fun & authentic much like my wedding photography style. I love to create that raw emotion in a gallery of images that you and your family will treasure for a lifetime. With my portrait work I want to be able to capture the connection between you and your family or the connection between you and your newborn child. With photographing children I want to be able to showcase there abundance of personality whether they are being cheeky, telling me what they love about their favourite tv show or just generally running around and having a blast! During a portrait session I have a small structure that I like to run the session on, but I do like to just let the events unfold and capture the memories as we go along having fun throughout. Most of my clients come back and say to me it didn't even feel like it was a photographic session it was just having fun! 

What to Expect? 

I strive to tell a story about you and your family through a series of photographs in a gallery. With a family session I love to photograph the connection between you all, whether it be mum and dad standing there together having a nice moment and the kids running wild around them, or all of you doing a big Toyota jump (which normally takes around 6-7 attempts for everyone to be jumping at the same time. I really love being able to get to know families before and throughout the session as this gives me an understanding of the type of emotion I want to capture to tell your story. 
Maternity sessions I have to say are one of my favourite portrait sessions. I love how radiant and amazing every mumma to be looks. I love that during a session I can help her come out of her comfort zone and make her feel beautiful. During a maternity session they can be held either in my studio or we can do outdoors as well. I do not have a preference I love both. Creating these memories are such a treasure for you to look back on once you have had bubs.
A newborn session is an amazing session which gives me the opportunity to capture some of the first treasured memories of your newborn baby. I love being able to have a cuddle with your precious new bundle of joy and I love that I can make precious memories for you to remember how little and precious they look at this young age. 
Children are UNPREDICTABLE... so, it is my job to be ready for anything! A lot of times parents get frustrated because sessions don’t seem to be going perfect... but the wonderful thing is that those small moments in between all the tantrums & chaos are beautiful. 
People often ask me how I even managed to get one great photograph of their wild child! The answer is simple... It’s my job to capture it all! So... the only job I give you as the parents is to relax & enjoy it! I will do all the hard work! I will give a lot of direction during the session so you will know exactly what to do. Children match your energy, so if you are having fun & showing them how much you love them they will show you the same in return. Sounds simple, right? 
Once in a while there are children for whatever reason, do not want to photographed so in a situation like this I will ask to photograph your child or children away from you so they will focus on me and my silly antics. It usually works!! They don’t know me and usually children are on their best behavior for others!

What you will get? 

You will get someone who dances when they get a great shot. I am there to capture your families natural emotion so I'm there as not just a photographer but as a friend. I will try to embrace your story and all of its details and capture just that. I like to try and crack jokes even though most laugh at me not with me. If you are a family with young kids coming to a session, I will generally go and greet your children first to make that first initial connection with them. Every portrait i take tells a different story and I would love to be able to capture yours through my lens. 

What to Bring?

Please bring clothing and accessories as needed. You can arrive and get your children dressed at the session if you are worried about them getting messy on the way. To be extra prepared, bring snacks & a favourite toy to comfort them if they are feeling overwhelmed at the session.

Packages you ask? 

All of the sessions here at KLD Photography require a $100 session fee. This is due upon booking in your session. Your session fee covers my time, experince and talent as your professional photographer and graphic designer to custom precess the finest captures from your session with 1 11x14 print included in your fee. KLD Photography's Portrait packages then start from $420 and include an abundance of amazing products. 

What to wear? 


I recommend wearing something more bold and colourful with a lot of texture to show off personality. This is an opportunity for your child or yourself to shine! For children, I usually recommend bare feet for indoors and boots or shoes that compliment their outfit for outside. I recommend clothing that has texture,such as; knitting, embroidery, dark faded denim, buttons, and ruffles. This type of clothing tends to photograph well and adds a lot of visual interest. 


It can be difficult to coordinate colours and not look too matchy. I recommend picking a few colours, but try not to put them in the same exact clothing. The more layers, textures and colours, the better. Just pick colours that compliment each other. I recommend bright or deep colours (jewel tones like mustard yellow, deep purple,turquoise, dark pink, etc.) and try to stay away from all white. Search out local or online boutiques, they have one of a kind style. You would be surprised what you can mix and match together from their existing wardrobes - 90% of the time you already have the perfect outfit! 


Choose a style you like and a few colours you like as well. I recommend having the parents dress fashionably, yet simple and focus more of the funky, unique style on the kids. If you have 5 people all dressing with a lot of layers and accessories it can be too much. Sometimes it works best for Mum to pick her outfit first and then build everyone else’s outfits around hers. Dark jeans that have a grit to them is always a great choice for the parents or specially the husband. If you are going to wear a print, stay away from small prints, there is not a lot of visual interest (think bold!). Continue to think about texture and colour. You may think that certain colours don’t go together, but again think out of the box and have fun! Try and stay away from logos etc. 
I have collected a few examples on the following page for you to see how you can mix and match all different colours and pieces of clothing together to produce a more interesting and visual final images. A good way to see if you are on the right track is to put everyone’s outfits out together on the bed and if all the outfits visually compliment each other and could just about be worn on the same person you are on the right track. 

Remember you would be surprised what you can mix and match together from your existing wardrobe.

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Proofs & Ordering 

Within 48 hours I will post a sneak peak up on Facebook or email you directly. At this time we will also need to book in your viewing appointment which will be approximately 3 weeks after your session. At this appointment you will get to view your completed gallery and place your order. Payment can be made by credit card, direct bank deposit or cash. KLD Photography does also have payment plans for any purchases over $500. With the payment plans, once you have placed a 40% deposit we will order your products and you will receive your products while you are still making your payments. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to be completed. 


For more specific session information please click on your session you have chosen. 



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