Sandra & Michael Highland 20-10-2018

On the 20th of October I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this amazing couple. We had everything thrown at us on this day rain, hail, shine and a massive thunderstorm while trying to achieve beach photos. Eventually the weather was on our side and the backdrop became amazing. I started the day with Michael and his groomsmen who definitely gave me a good laugh. Heading over to Sandras house which was just full of amazing natural light which aloud me to photograph Sandra amazingly!! With 4 gorgeous flower girls and their personalities that just made me crack up.

As we got to the ceremony on the beach Michael took his time to get there, HAHA! But he got their eventually and we had a good laugh about it, but we were watching those storm clouds roll in. Amazingly enough we were able to beat the storm for the ceremony. This ceremony was just absolutely amazing, so much of their families had travelled from overseas and they were all touched by the gorgeous ceremony. The ceremony had ended but we were then looking out into the water and some beautiful dolphins were swimming past and we had a fantastic opportunity to capture some shots with them swimming by.

We headed off to Green Fields beach but as we arrived the storm had set in but my goodness there was no whipping the smile of Sandras face, she couldn’t of cared less about the torrential storm we were stuck in lol!
Coming into the ceremony the warmth of this couples amazing family and friends was so touching. They had so many people there that meant the absolute world to them, and by the end of the wedding they made me feel like apart of their family. Sandra and Michael I am so glad i was able to capture this very special day for you. Thank you for being so amazing!!